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Friday, August 30, 2013

The summer that was ....

Summer is over!!

But this summer has been the most productive and most happening in our household. For this kids and for me personally as well ...Let's see

Summer activities
Road trip - Check
Camping - Check
Beaches, sun, playgrounds - Check

First tooth fell - Check
Learning to ride the bike - Check
Losing a job - Check

Learning new things
Table tennis - Check
Riding the bike without training wheels - Check

Some were fun events like the road trip and teaching Kochunni to ride the bike, some disappointing like losing my job. We never see the full picture of our life story so taken out of context each of these events  seem to stand out and paint a bizarre picture. Some events have added more color around them as time as gone by like when Kochunni wants to ride the bike every evening, or exited about losing his next tooth and getting more money from the tooth fairy; while others are still unclear. My job hunt is going on, market is good but I don't sell myself well at interviews. Our first camping trip we survived but we have more ways to go before we can be true campers. And so onwards I look to the approaching winter ... hoping for more clarity as the wind chills around us.

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Aryan-Arjun said...

Hey How are you doing?
Times is passing so fast!!


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