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Friday, February 08, 2013


Kunju started to go to Kochunni's old daycare this past week. In preparation, the weekend before I was asking him his name in English to ensure he will not have any trouble at school. Without battling an eye, he responds "Kunju and Baby". Yes of course, he is the baby of the household and we often refer to him as that and apparently he has taken it to heart!

A few months ago Kochu was inspired to write some poems, it started out as wanting to rhyme and then realizing that he was able to write a few lines he was not only impressed but also super exited to send the poems off to his aunt who is pretty good at these kind of stuff. Yesterday evening he came up with another one that I thought was rather cute --
Trick or treat, trick or treat
Give me something sweet to eat
Cookies, chocolates, jelly beans
Happy, happy Halloween
Trick or treat, trick or treat
I can sing and dance to beat
That’s the trick to make you smile
Happy, happy Halloween

I have no idea why Halloween was the chosen theme of the day, but as long as he is trying something new, I guess it doesn't matter.


~nm said...

It surely is a wonderful poem. He is really good at it. Keep him motivated.

Teknik Sipil said...
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K 3 said...

Thanks ~nm He is into it for sure. Created one the other day for St Patrick's day.

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