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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Way of the Life

A friend commented on Facebook a while ago -

"8 year old kids today have Facebook, Twitter, phones, iPod. When I was there age, I had a coloring book, crayons, chalk, and imagination." A lot of responses lamented the fact that today's kids have the latest tech gadgets and have no three dimensional friends.

My take on this is entirely different.

As a parent, I think 8 years is too young to be on Facebook or Twitter; but many 8 year olds have a Wii or X-box and play many online games. By the time they are in their early teens, they are sure to have a Facebook account. I can't even imagine how these kids will be when they are adults in their 30s and 40s. Would they have hit a "thousands of friend" mark or invented new things by then?

But going back to the statement, it doesn't seem fair when you take step back and look at the bigger picture ... did our parents have TV when they were kids or did their parents have radio when our parents were kids... no! Every generation has invented something new and shiny that changed our way of life up until then ... children fought with parents to get those coveted items, and parents set out to set time limits and curfews around them.

One big change though is that with the Internet things like Facebook, iPhones, Twitter all happened in a relatively short period of time, which took many by surprise - completely foreign a while ago when inventions seem to take a much longer time period to occur. Information is fast paced were before one had to wait for the 9 o'clock news to know what even happened within one's own country or state.

Going back to the statement, maybe we are moving into a world of no more crayons and brushes for art, but on the other hand the kids today are connected to their school friends forever, instead of searching Facebook to find them and re-connect after years. They can be connected to their teachers and families from all parts of the world, where their past is essayed into pictures and videos that can live on forever. We cannot be sure what all this means but hopefully when we are grandparents, we can continue to look fondly at the memories and the next generation will still have a true view into the past. In my mind, everything has its good and bad. As parents we need to set limits just as my parents set what they thought was best for me. To lament about the new shiny toy is just setting ourselves to a losing battle.

Your thoughts?

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Sraikh said...

My 12 yr old doesn't FB . She wants contacts. I said no. Both things might be given on 13th bday.
She does have nook and a basic cellphone.

She emails and uses the Internet for her crafting stuff.

K3 said...

~ Sraikh - Thats the point I was trying to make ... families need to figure out how the new technology offerings are going to be used in their house, but comparing it to our childhood days is fruitless when each gen has a totally different "new" gadget at their disposal.

Aryan said...

Dear..Kochu's 5th birthday,for sure requires a blog post!!!!

How come you forgot..!!!

K3 said...

~AM - I know, been too lazy. Have to get back to posting, some day soon ... I hope

Aryan-Arjun said...

Now sixth birthday over!!!! where are you darling?

K 3 said...

@ AM - I know ... the whole year passed by .... maybe this year will be better.

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