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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Calling all moms

There is a tag that been going around for a while in mom-o-sphere blogs, known by various names - ‘around the world in 80 clicks’, motherhood – why do I love it etc, that grabbed my attention. The reasons were varied and many but a universal theme of love certainly binds these conglomerate of posts together.

Even before Kodi's Mom tagged me for this tag, I was thinking about what would be the five things that I would put down for why I love being a mother. I started to think back to the time when we started talking about parenting and bringing a child into this world. Pregnancy itself was a breeze, though delivery & post delivery was a cyclone of emotions. Now all said and done, I am forever a doting mother to a very rambunctious boy. So what does of the last 2 and half years do I love the most?

1. I love the raw emotion that pulses through every thought, deed or action. The pride in his everyday milestones, the fear when he is sick, the happiness when he gives me a sudden hug or kiss, the sheer joy when he calls “Amma”. Its potent enough that when I return a hug I am scared of hugging him too tight.

2. I love the fact that its helping me become a better human being. I know I am less judgmental of other parents as I know how difficult it is to hear all the advise that pours in and still knowing your child better than any of advice givers to seep through and pick and choose. I am more patient, more careful in everything I say or do, as means of setting an example.

3. I love seeing the connections I see Kochunni building with my parents, the adoration in my parents eyes, Kochunni making 'best friends' with his muthu (muthashan/granddad). The bonding with his cousins, aunts, uncles and all the extended family and friends. It’s a beautiful how Kochunni seems to realize when we are among family and friends and then opens up to them.

4. Even though the momentous decision to have the baby was ours, the right of motherhood, the privilege and the responsibility given to me from the Lord has in turn made me feel more humbler, more closer to His divinity.

5. And lastly I love the fact that I will forever be a mother, and with that I can wear multiple hats – the teacher, the story-teller, the ‘boo-boo go away’ magician, the friend.

Now the rules of the tag
Just write a post of your own (5 things that you love about being a mom/dad) and find someone to link to and tag - someone from your own country, if you like, but definitely someone from another country (Google is a good resource if you don't know any; Google any country name and 'mom/dad' in their blog search function) (be sure to let them know that you've tagged them!) - and link back here and HBM and leave a comment.

Since this venture was started to connect moms around the world, here's my feeble attempt to make a few new friends, courtesy of this tag. So I tag these folks that I just Googled up, in no particular order -

Pensive Thoughts from Philippines
My Oweini Life from Middle East
From the land of monkeys and princess from Texas (I think)
See the woods and the trees from Ireland
Come, mommy


{ Jhari } said...

I'm so glad to be one of the people you tagged ;) Will get back to you once I'm free to blog up. Hugs!

K 3 said...
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K3 said...

Welcome Jhari. Hope you enjoy doing the tag and do keep in touch.

Rachel said...

Wow ;-) Thanks.

I'll do this soon! what a fun Meme! I adore HBM, too.

K 3 said...

~ Rachel - a novel idea, indeed

Liesl said...

Thanks so much for the tag! I'll see what I can do with it in the next few days :)

Motherhood has definitely increased my empathy towards all sorts of folks, but especially other parents. Raising a child is in many ways a humbling experience, and that's a good lesson, taught by amazing little people :)

And it's reawakened my spiritual life too, as it's made me realize how many things in life, both good and bad, I have absolutely no control over. Again, an important lesson to learn!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love to meet new friends :)

K3 said...

~Liesl - Thanks for stopping by. A very introspective tag indeed.

Mama - Mia said...

wow! i am maha impressed! with what i read nad the effort to actually make new ffriends!



K3 said...

~ Abha - :) Thank U!

homecooked said...

Lovely list and thoughts K3 :)

Angel... said...

Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful post..

K 3 said...

~ HC - Long time .... thanks

~ Angel - Thank you.

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